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Why BMI is bullshit

BMI, or body mass index, is a “tool” that's talked about frequently in our medical system, in health classes, and in news articles that measures weight in relation to height. I put tool in quotations because typically a tool is something useful that helps carry out a certain task/project, and BMI literally doesn’t measure anything of significance.

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I ate ice cream for 60 days straight and here's what happened:

I didn’t set out thinking I should eat ice cream every day for 2 months- it just kind of happened. I thought I would get a little sick of icecream working at the shop. I would try samples in between customers and regularly get a scoop after work. I have a freezer with at least 5 pints of icecream from the shop. I had ice cream at least once per day for 60 days and here’s what happened:

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Am I overeating or am I binging, and why?

Do you overeat, or do you binge? Overeating is a normal human experience from time to time, whether you continue munching on a delicious food even if you feel physically full. Binging can indicate a more serious issue depending on the frequency, circumstance, thoughts and feelings. Read on to see what causes binging(it may surprise you), and how to address it.

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