I ate ice cream for 60 days straight and here's what happened:

When I moved to Denver just over 2 months ago I wanted to find a fun, easy going summer job while I continued to grow my private practice. Someone told me how years ago they were able to just walk into a business and ask for a job. I kind of laughed and thought to myself that doesn’t really happen any more and began to start my search on the inter web.

I didn’t find shit online. I thought about being a bartender but I love sleep. I passed an interesting ice cream shop when exploring Washington park and felt inspired to stop in-my best friend in KC scoops ice cream on the side and it sounded pretty fun; what’s not to love about working decently short hours, making some fast cash and putting smiles on peoples’ faces with a sweet treat? Turns out the needed some extra help managing the shop so I filled out an application and got the job instantaneously. I started the next day..

When people find out I’m an dietitian working at an ice cream shop, they find it ironic. Me? I find it empowering and symbolic. I live by the phrase, “all foods fit”. I am fully aware of the diet culture society we live in where food like ice cream is demonized and we are thought to be *bad* for eating it. But truly, food has no moral value and one of my favorite things is helping people feel neutral around food. Our bodies are amazing and can handle many things, including ice cream everyday for 60 days.

I didn’t set out thinking I should eat ice cream every day for 2 months- it just kind of happened. I thought I would get a little sick of ice cream working at the shop. I would try samples in between customers and regularly get a scoop after work. I have a freezer with at least 5 pints of ice cream from the shop. I had ice cream at least once per day for 60 days and here’s what happened:

I didn’t get sick of ice cream

Ice Cream is HANDS DOWN my favorite dessert. I didn’t get sick of ice cream, but my flavor preference did change a little bit. I used to be just a chocolate gal; now I’m into trying the most bizarre flavors. Other days I stick to the classics (insert mint chocolate chip and Oreo and cream here). The ice cream shop I work at has over 100 flavors; I think I've probably tried ~80. Some days I would have a scoop, other days a couple scoops, and occasionally a few bites.

I ate other foods

This may be DUH, but sometimes headlines like “this person ate this for x days and here's what happened” mean the person only ate said food (remember the Twinkies guy? Trigger warning: mentions of calories and weight stigmatizing language). I ate a variety of foods and pretty normal meals and snacks along with ice cream.

My body didn’t change; and if it had that would be okay too

I’ve been an intuitive eater for over a few years now, and it feels GLORIOUS. I couldn’t imagine feeling restricted from food or feel guilty about eating ice cream. I remember the days when I would spend so much brain space and time worrying about what would happen if I ate “X”. My body didn’t really change, or if it did I didn’t notice-which is how it should be. As a society we put too much emphasis on body size. Our bodies fluctuates daily and over the lifespan; with adequate nourishment and self care, they know what size they need to be.

Honestly, it's been more than 60 days that I’ve had ice cream in a row. I may eat ice cream every day for the rest of my life and will be okay with it because when you stop giving so much power to food, ice cream just becomes a delicious food you can enjoy as often or as little as you like.