A loaded post: Our Denver move, business updates, vacation, and upcoming events

It's almost 10:00pm when I’m starting this-WAY past my bedtime-but I’m not feeling particularly tired. I just spent the last hour reading some of my favorite food blogs (by Whitney, Kylie, and Amy) and sex positive blog (by Dana) and reflecting on the fact I haven’t written a post in a while. I miss writing- there's something really healing about sharing your personal perspective and story. While I hope that my posts help at least *one* other person, it always helps me get clear with my thoughts and also share fun things.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you see that most of my writing is about cultivating a healthy relationship with food and body, busting nutrition myths and also tackling what gentle nutrition looks like, finding true health instead of diet culture, and my love for all foods. I took 2 months off from the blog while things got a little busy and I wanted to do an *update* post about where I have been, what I’m up to, and where I’m going. Cue, a really long blog post:

I moved to Denver, did you know?

It’s been 5 months since we left the Midwest and headed to the mountains. TIME FLIES. There has been many ups and downs and lessons learned but I’m so grateful we made the move. Being in a new city comes with growing pains and is also really exciting. Denver has the best coffee I’ve ever had and also I live 2 minutes from the best biscuits in Denver (I recommend the Lola) AND pizza slices the length of my arm. It’s pretty remarkable to live in a city and to also be within an hour drive of the mountains. Here are some  pics of food and mountains for your viewing pleasure

I stole this picture from yelp because I eat my biscuits too fast to take a picture- they are THAT GOOD. Via: Denver biscuit co

I stole this picture from yelp because I eat my biscuits too fast to take a picture- they are THAT GOOD. Via: Denver biscuit co

Blue springs past Breckenridge;

Blue springs past Breckenridge;

I got a cozy office and AMAZING Suite-mates

When we moved to Denver I knew I wanted to move from the virtual realm into a physical office space and it has been WONDERFUL. I still do some virtual work but I wanted to expand and create a space that was cozy and inviting. If you know me at all, I’m not great at interior design but thankfully Julia, the therapist I share office space with is INCREDIBLE and artsy. It doesn’t get any cooler than having a mini therapist office inside of your office-Julia is particularly siked about the mini degree :).

Beautiful little office

Beautiful little office

Mini office on our shelf; it’s the perfect size for a mouse.

Mini office on our shelf; it’s the perfect size for a mouse.

I started my search for office space right when we got to Denver via good ole Craigslist. I still remember the exact posting where I found the wonderful humans that are Michele and Asher -it went something along the lines of “Looking for a kick ass practitioner to join our team!!” -they basically had me at kick ass. Little did I know I was not only getting a beautiful office space, but also joining the incredible community that is Elevate Counseling and Community Center.  Here’s a picture of us eating delicious food and enjoying each others company outside of the office.


(from left to right: Julia, Megan, Me, Michele, and Asher in the back)

I’m so grateful to spend time with and work alongside these amazing, healing humans. They have been nothing short of supportive as business mentors and friends.

I went on vacation to the UK

Phew, this could be a whole post in itself! I went to London, Northeast England, and Scotland back in August and I miss it every day. A backstory for context: I was born in Northeastern England and moved to the US with my parents and sister when I was a baby. The majority of my family still resides in England and I used to go back most summers to spend time with them. Going to the UK isn’t just a vacation for me; it's something I feel so deeply in my bones.

This summer was my first time going to London (even though I’ve been to England many times) and it was a blast. We did all the touristy things (Trafalgar square, rode the tube, got lost on the tube, went to a show) and had a really great time. I even got to see my cousin I hadn’t see in 10 years. We ate ALL the foods. The thing about food in England is, I fucking love it because it’s so nostalgic for me but it seems like everyone else I talk to think it’s subpar. To each their own-more Cornish pasties, battenbergs, and crumpets for me.

We then headed Northeast to relive my childhood. We stayed with my sweet Nana and took a walk down memory lane doing all the things I used to do as a kid-visit the Beamish museum, tour the beautiful fishing town of Whitby and eat the best fish and chips in the country, and walk along the shore from Hartlepool to Seaton Carew. I got to spend some time with many of my family members, but it’s never enough time.

We ended the trip in Edinburgh which was clutch because Fringe Festival was going on. Fringe Festival is the WORLD'S largest arts festival and it did not disappoint. There were thousands of shows, street performers, delicious food stands, and beautiful venues. We also hiked to the top of King Arthur's seat- our Airbnb was a 5 minute walk away although the city is quite small so its not too far to walk anywhere. Edinburgh is so magical besides the gross misty rain on our last day there. We got soaked.

I feel very homesick thinking about my trip, it’s something I treasure and enjoyed and at the same time it’s hard being away from where a piece of your heart is. We hope to make it back more often :)

I spilled the beans about my story on Cara Harbstreet’s podcast

Definitely feeling a vulnerability hangover after sharing my story on Libre Connection’s new podcast: You can eat with us. It’s been amazing getting so much good feedback from my followers, friends, colleagues and clients! Cara Harbstreet is an amazing host and I highly recommend subscribing to the podcast, every episode has so many nuggets of wisdom about people’s journey to intuitive eating and leaving diet culture behind. It can be really healing to listen to other people’s stories who have struggles that may resonate with what you have been through or are going through.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 7.59.06 PM.png

Michele and I are doing intuitive eating workshops in the fall!

We have been busy planning boot camps and workshops around intuitive eating and body image, and are INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce we have our first one scheduled! We are hosting our first Intuitive YOU! Boot-camp on November 8th, 2018 from 9:30am-11am . If you are in Denver we would love to see you there! Sign up here!

This is a good fit for anyone who has struggled with dieting/disordered eating and is looking for another option outside of rigidity and obsession around food and their body.

We will start with a 30 minute yoga practice, a 50 minute talk around diet culture, intuitive eating, and body image, and end class with a short meditation. We are calling it a "boot-camp" because it is a fast and quick run down/introduction to some concepts of intuitive eating and body acceptance.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.18.59 PM.png

Annddd thats all for now, folks! Will be getting back to a regular posting schedule here soon. I hope you had a great summer and are having a smooth transition into fall!