We're so happy that you are here. As nutrition therapists located in Denver, CO, we're committted to help you live your most nourished life free of diets, obsessive exercise, and restrictive rules towards food and body. It's our passion and mission to help people with bodies of all shapes and sizes learn to place trust in their body and heal their relationship food.


The philosophy


Nourishment is far more than just what you eat because you are more than just your body. Start cultivating a healthy relationship with food and body by discovering your strength, recognizing your worth, and removing the shame-driven fear around what you eat. How your body, mind, and soul starts to heal is with self care and self compassion.

Food represents joy, memories, emotions, & comfort. All of which becomes more complicated as we rely on external factors on what to eat, but it doesn't have to be. There’s no need to preoccupy your mind with restrictive diets and exercise when there’s so much life to live. Let go of rigidity and control of what you believe you should be eating, and find a simpler, more intuitive way of life.

Our mission is to help you overcome your fears and provide a balanced & flexible approach to nutrition. Let's work together to move towards a place where you can embrace your body and live a more fulfilled life.


Meet the Team

at Nourished with Hannah


Hannah Turnbull, RDN


Hey there! I'm Hannah Turnbull, a dietitian and nutrition therapist. I firmly believe our well-being starts with how we care for our bodies and minds. My mission is to empower people to unlearn the rules society has taught us about food, dieting and bodies by practicing self care and self compassion. I help clients establish flexible, mindful eating habits and sustainable self care practices so they can begin to live their most nourished lives.

In my work with clients, I provide compassionate and inclusive care with the understanding that our experiences in the world are likely different. I provide a safe space for clients to navigate their relationship with food and body, and walk alongside them as they work towards trusting their body and meeting their needs. I help clients focus on nourishing behavior change and sustainable individualized self care with tangible tools and concepts that don't feel rigid or impossible. I empower my clients to redefine what healthy means to them-not to our culture.

I work daily to help people find the resilience to overcome their food and body struggles in ALL size bodies through weight inclusive care. With empowerment and support, my clients and I embrace their journey to body acceptance and nourishment, together.


Professional Background & Credentials

  • Registered dietitian by trade but more identifies with the term nutrition therapist.

  • Specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, intuitive eating, and body image from a Health At Every Size® (HAES) lens.

  • Currently pursuing Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) Certification and is a board member of the International Association of Eating Disoder Professionals (IAEDP), Denver chapter.

  • Runs her group practice and is a sought out speaker for talks and presentations on eating disorders, intuitive eating, and weight inclusive topics.

  • Has been featured in and also has written for many national and local publications on these topics.



Connie Weissmuller, MS, RDN

Hey there! I'm Connie Weissmuller, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. During my graduate my program, I developed a deep passion for weight inclusive care that went against the grain of the traditional dietetics curriculum. I couldn’t wait to jump into an environment where I could support individuals on their journey to well-rounded health that is so much more than what our diet culture suggests.

In my work with clients, I provide compassionate and inclusive care that keeps lived experiences, culture, and personal preferences in mind. I help clients develop a flexible pattern of eating, moving, and self-care that can adapt throughout their changing lives. I believe that the client-clinician relationship is a two way street. I want to listen to what you find helpful, meaningful, and enjoyable, and then together we can incorporate that into an intuitive, non-stressful method of healthy behavior change. Nutrition therapy is highly individualized and I will give you the tools you need to find what healthy means to you.

I work with clients to overcome food and body struggles so that they can move towards body acceptance and a full life.


Professional Background & Credentials

  • Masters level clinician and registered dietitian/nutrition therapist.

  • Master's degree in nutritional science from California State University Los Angeles.

  • Specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, intuitive eating, and body image from a Health At Every Size® (HAES) lens.