My Story & Philosophy


My Story

Hi there! I’m Hannah, an eating disorder dietitian located in Denver, CO with a passion for helping people overcome their need for rigidity and control through restrictive diets and exercise, so they can move towards peace with food and their bodies. I help my clients find the flexibility and sustainability they need to start living their most fulfilling lives.


I went through my own struggle with food and body image starting at a very young age. I was preoccupied with how my body looked and fell into a pattern of disordered eating and exercise disguised as “healthy”. Living in diet culture, these behaviors were praised and encouraged despite the negative toll it took on my mental health. I created rigid food rules that led to shame and dissatisfaction when I wasn’t able to stick to my unrealistic expectations.

As I was learning the in's and out's of nutrition towards becoming a Registered Dietitian, I realized health is multifaceted and complex - health is more than simply calories in, calories out. As I continued through my nutrition career, it became clear to me that restriction, obsession, and the cycle of shame and “starting over” was problematic, and never leads to better health outcomes OR happiness. That's when I knew I had to challenge diet culture, and focus on what really matters in nutrition and health. Through resilience in my own journey, I was inspired to help others create a nourishing relationship with food so they could begin to live a life aligned with what truly matters.

In 2017, I started my private practice to help people find the resilience to overcome their food and body struggles. Through empowerment and support, my clients and I work together to embrace the journey and discover what true nourishment means for them.



Professional Background

  • Bachelors degree with a dual emphasis in Medical Dietetics and Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

  • Completed an internship through the coordinated program in dietetics from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

  • Specialize in intuitive eating, eating disorder recovery, disordered eating recovery, and diabetes management using a Health at Every Size(tm) approach.

  • ASCM certfied group fitness instructor.


The philosophy


Nourishment is far more than just what we eat because you are more than just your body. Start cultivating a healthy relationship with food and body by discovering your strength, recognizing your worth, and removing the shame-driven fear around what you eat. How you care for your body, mind, and soul starts with the love and compassion you have for yourself.

Food represents joy, memories, emotions, & comfort. All of which becomes more complicated as we rely on external factors on what to eat, but it doesn't have to be. There’s no need to preoccupy your mind with restrictive diets and exercise when there’s so much life to live. Let go of rigidity and control of what you believe you should be eating, and find a simpler, more intuitive way of life.

My mission is to help you overcome your fears and provide a balanced & flexible approach to nutrition. Let's work together to move towards a place where you can embrace your body and live a more fulfilled life.